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Visual artists

Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Artists, Filmmakers

Alun Davies

Alun Davies uses photography and video to document portraits and landscapes of archetypes and architecture of queer bodies in spaces. These marginalised bodies and liminal architectural spaces are Affective Archive's as reconstructions of memory and virtual co-mingling transcending time through empathy and community presented in a virtual 3D space.

Steffan Hadley

Steffan Hadley is an individual who suffers with A.D.H.D., O.D.D and Aspergers Syndrome (AS), however, he uses his own disabilities to progress himself as a multi-disciplinary artist and works predominantly with the world of miniatures and his current project the Minitopian Art Gallery.

Dione Jones

Dione Jones is a South Wales based mixed media artist who working predominantly with photography and self-portraiture. Jones’ explores the “self” often concerning themes of gender performance, identity, body and change through their own perspective and experience as a nonbinary, queer artist.
Their work utilises various photographic processes and plays with these to create surreal, dreamy and ambiguous imagery.

Ollie Pfeifer

Hi, Ollie here! A creative fellow human, trying to reach for that “do what you love for a living” dream. Born and bred in Brighton, now living and studying in Swansea.

Caitlin Flood-Molyneux

Caitlin Flood-Molyneux is an award-winning contemporary Welsh Artist. Their artistic practice investigates the relationship between pop culture imagery and the way in which we attach emotion and memory to images and use this to narrate their subjective experiences of hardship.

Isaac Down

Isaac is a traditional artist who paints non-traditional subjects. From dripping skulls to horror film icons, Isaac paints what scares others. He uses a mix of materials but mainly watercolours, paint pens and metallic inks. Isaac's signature art style is to use a wild colour palette, drips and many little details.

Lucy Venning

Lucy Venning is a graphic designer and digital artist based in South Wales, UK. Originally from Cardiff, studied at University of Wales Trinity St David, Swansea and Falmouth University, and trained at Rhys Welsh Web Design.
Lucy specialises in design and illustration and uses mixed media to create digital art.

Efa Blosse-Mason

Efa Blosse-Mason is a filmmaker from Cardiff who wrote and directed a short Welsh language film ‘Cwch Deilen/Leaf Boat’ which is currently on BBC iplayer.
Efa went to university at the Bristol School of Animation and her graduate film ‘Earthly Delights’ won the Royal Television Society Award for best student animation in 2019.  Her work is usually focused on the themes of women, LGBTQ+ stories and nature.

Rachel Norman

Rachel Norman’s practice tends to be multidisciplinary but with a focus on installation and performance. Her interest is to explore ideas surrounding self-reflection, identity and the internalised world. With the focus being upon the process, rather than the end result. Currently, she is focusing on the physical repurposing and restructuring of space to reflect changes to the inner world.

Morgan Dowdall

Morgan Dowdall (they/them) is a visual artist based in Cardiff. They use the human figure as a vessel in order to explore themes of queerness, camp, objectification, intimacy and dysmorphia. The figures depicted through their work range from the beautifully grotesque, to more playful and illustrative celebrations of the naked body.

Eden Dodd

Eden Dodd (She/They) is a Welsh born Artist (1994), Living and working between Cardiff, Wales & Glasgow, Scotland.

Àfrica Ollé

Àfrica Ollé is a multidisciplinary artist. Their practice spans a range of media including performance, sculpture, photography, installation art, poetry and essay.
The main subjects Olle explores within their works are: discrimination, gender inequality, gender issues, intersectional feminism, patriarchy, ableism, racism, LGBTQ+ issues, intersection of identities and the full set of -isms and their role in the system of hierarchies.

Emma Lauren Hugues

Emma Lauren Hughes is a queer Welsh artist currently based in Leeds. Their artistic practice explores comfort and empowerment through a feminist lens, while challenging traditional notions of domesticity and objectification. Although working in many mediums, the artist finds that this is best conveyed through collage, textile work and performance.

Adam Charlton

Adam Charlton is a Swansea-based artist specialising in drawing and painting with an experimental, playful approach that overlaps different styles and methods to create pieces that are emotionally specific.

Nerys Griffiths

Studying BA Adventure Filmmaking at UWTSD Carmarthen with the aim to become a professional filmmaker and photographer.

My favourite subject to capture is wildlife and I one day aspire to be part of a team in producing a wildlife documentary.

Marek Líška

Marek Líška (he/they), born in Slovakia, is a sculptor and craftsperson trained and based in Cardiff. As a ‘ceramic gardener’ they produce objects through sympathetic and playful interactions with clay. Rendering the inorganic material live. Producing sculptures and paintings cultivated into varied forms. Abstract self-portraits of their interaction with the world, creating and digesting.

Adam Hanford

Adam Hanford is a mixed media artist from South Wales. Creating art as an expression of personal queer identity, they take continued inspiration from self-liberation and pushing the boundaries of conformity. Their primary aim is individuality and to advocate for the unconventional — creating art that may not appear typical or traditional, but exudes the joy of identity.

She Elloise

By reprocessing known imagery She Elloise works to illuminate the ways that social structures like gender interact with our bodily autonomy, language and behaviour.

Toni De Jesus

My work and ethos is centred around the idea of ceramics and its strong association with craft. As a material and its context within the fine art spectrum. I am interested in the factors which compare with the constant debate about crafts, and its position within today’s society.

Luke Roberts

Luke Roberts (they/them) is an artist/ curator from Anglesey, North Wales and currently based in Cardiff.

Luke’s artworks span several aspects of contemporary visual arts, utilising painting, drawing, text works in their installations. Their practice aims to provide a vessel for them to document interactions with their queer identity, creating works that celebrate queer joy, intimacy and domesticity outside of the established tropes of cis gay erotic art.

Robert Oros

Robert Oros (he/him), born in Romania, is a photographer, video artist and curator based in Cardiff. His artistic practice explores different socio-political themes with an emphasis on minorities, with current projects focusing on the refugee crisis and the LGBTQ+ community. The work observes individual representations during period of upheaval.

Paisley Alice Randell Shillabeer

My work reveals the surreal and fantastical amid the ordinary. My family’s reluctance to part from objects inspired me to make use of the ‘useless’, transform the broken and reinvent the repetitive. This encounter with the everyday in a surreal or abject context evokes the uncanny and invites the viewer to question their own relationship with the physical world.

Klara Sroka

Klara’s practice is an exploration of geological transformations of coastal sites, which have been affected by historical human influences. Her work manifests itself through temporal sculptural processes which aim to highlight the irreversible shifts within the landscape. Materiality has become an investigative process which drives her artwork, her concept is to visualize climate change as a series of erosive systems.

Amelia Roberts

My practice establishes links between the re-presentation of traditional Welsh folklore by American fiction writers and Disney movies; characteristic of the dissemination and diminution of traditional Welsh cultural narratives in contemporary Anglo-American popular culture.

Seren Thomas

Seren Thomas created Flatboy at the beginning of the pandemic as a way of managing their own gender dysphoria and poor mental health in a time when they were isolated from their queer and trans community. Their digital and physical paintings depict the positive feelings and experiences of the trans community: softness, joy, wonder, intimacy and peace.

Sidney Lloyd

I am currently studying a Fine Art degree in Swansea College of Art, UWTSD. My practise is influenced by my love for nature, whilst also looking to draw links to present contemporary issues which I feel are relevant to me regarding Feminism, Race, and the LGBTQIA+ community, and looking to provide an outlet for discussion; and add to the greater message and aim at hand for the push for Equality.

Anna Amalia Coviello

I am a Therapeutic Arts Facilitator and multidisciplinary artist who engages with the public,  aiming to reflect their lives organically through art making.

I draw, paint, write, move, up- cycle objects, photograph and make installation; it’s a truly  multidisciplinary practice.

Sahar Saki

Sahar is an award-winning international artist and designer from Iran, based in Cardiff.  She has been awarded by UNESCO, business Wales, and Art Council of Wales, also has been working with different organisations such as Welsh National Opera, Sherman Theatre and Cardiff Council.

She is working in different art mediums including painting, murals and Persian calligraphy.

Rob’s Birdhouse

Guy Nicholas Challenger AKA Rob’s Birdhouse creates colourful photographic character collages using photoshop and a graphics tablet. They also make sculptures of their characters and brooches. Drawing influence from film, music, abstraction and the circus Guy aims to portray a sense of fun throughout their work. They currently study Ba Illustration at UWTSD Swansea.

Gemma Green-Hope

Gemma Green-Hope is an animator, director and illustrator from Pembrokeshire. 
Her work is inspired by nature, the mind, myths and memories. She makes short films, drawings, paintings, music videos and ads for clients such as Penguin Books, National Theatre Wales, The School of Life and Tate.

Caitlin Dolman

A queer multi-media artist exploring the topics of mundane life, intrusive thoughts, stigmatised discussions such  as LGBTQIA+ and feminist issues, mental health, grief and how we, as people, react to them. All created through  the lens of a female presenting artist in hopes of inciting conversation that may not have otherwise taken place.

Ren Wolfe

My practice is a celebration and exploration of imaginative play. Through my work I excavate childhood memories to examine our relationships with self and the absurd. The work functions not only as separate pieces in conversation with a central theme, but as an ever-expanding world of interrelated characters and stories that defiantly eschew elitism in favour of humour and heart.

Joss Copeman

Joss Copeman (he/him) is a lens-based artist whose work considers queer politics, notions of  the self and consumption in post-capitalist society. Using photographic practice, vernacular  imagery and computer scans, Joss places himself in many of his images, bringing into  question and mocking the ways in which we present ourselves.

Petros Kourtellaris

Petros Kourtellaris is a Cyprus born, Wales trained and London based designer and artist.

Natasha John

My practice explores our connection with each other, with ourselves and with the world we inhabit. It fascinates me how societies are formed and can dictate the way we live. If you’re not living in societies ‘normal’ then you are ultimately ‘different’.  We can be ‘Masters of Construction’ in relation to our own identities.

Molly Allen

Molly Allen is an illustrator and animator from Pembrokeshire.
Their artistic practice explores and celebrates themes of identity, sexuality, and self-expression through a queer lens.

Owen Harry

I am primarily a digital illustrator who focuses on aspects of my own experience as a queer person, which often take form as portraits and fashion illustra;ons. I also create work centred around queer culture as a whole,
specifically drag and LGBTQ+ icons.

Becky Davies

My name is Becky Davies, and I am a digital illustrator/ print designer born in Aberystwyth, now living and studying in Swansea. My illustrations focus on feminism and mundane lifestyle. I like to create a humorous narrative throughout my illustrations that reflects on my personality. Although these listed themes are what I enjoy drawing mostly, I always feeling like I’m changing and adapting by enjoying to draw other things in various styles.

Chris Corish

Chris’ paintings & digital work explores the relationship of colours and shapes, drawing on influences from modern and postmodern visual art. He has been practising as a Visual Artist since 2013 and in recent years has expanded his practice as well as working on a consultancy basis for organisations including Arts Council of Wales and Cadw.  

Vivian Ross-Smith

Vivian Ross-Smith (she/her) is a Scottish artist living in Swansea. She makes materiality-focussed, site-specific painting, performance and textiles that act as a corporeal offering. Holding a sense of generosity, Vivian’s practice is a negotiation between place, community, care, comfort, accessibility, and communication. Vivian draws from her experience as a queer island artist and her background in Social Care Work.

Olivia Daisy Coles

I am a trans artist and illustrator based in Cardiff, Wales, and I work primarily with colouring pencils to capture the magic, joy and power of queer people and the lives that we lead.

Frank Duffy

Let me lift this rock and show you the queer beasts that crawl between the cracks:
I work and live beyond binaries. The spaces between things are where the magic resides. I carve lino and smear oils and I conjure those spaces for you. Come see!

We are currently processing applications by LGBTQ+ visual artists based/ from Wales.
If you want to participate check out how to apply and contact us



Evie Rey

Evie Rey (she/her) is a Bristol based multidisciplinary artist, who grew up between Wales and the West of England. In 2010, she moved to Wales to study BA Fine Art at the University of Newport. Her passion for creativity aligns closely with her passion for social activisim.

Oberon White

Oberon White is a queer, Welsh multidisciplinary performance artist, music maker and cultural worker, as well as a cabaret performer and host. They show work in the UK and internationally.  Their most recent feature-length solo performance winegod was presented to audiences across the UK.  As a cabaret and drag performer they are a fixture of London’s queer performance scene.

Joshua Jones

Joshua Jones (he/him) is a writer and multidisciplinary artist from Llanelli, South Wales, now based in Cardiff. In his writing Jones operates across poetry, short story and essay writing, while his art practice focuses on collage, deconstruction, video and sound. Jones uses art and writing as a way to explore and communicate his neurodivergency, queerness, and working-class identity.

Ayeshah Nashua

My name is Ayeshah Nashua & I am a British-Egyptian Queer Cosplayer & baby drag queen. I consider myself a Multimedia Artist & a Writer.

Annabelle Hampton

My painting, my writing and poetry are all attempts to give the audience an insight into a very personal journey. I must emphasise each trans persons journey is unique to them. All I am trying to do is to is to communicate to the audience that transpeople are as normal as the next Martian or Venusian!

We are currently processing applications by LGBTQ+ multidisciplinary creatives based/ from Wales.
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Theather makers

Bethan Marlow

I am a writer that creates fictional worlds using real, unheard voices for stage and screen. Focusing on female, LGBTQ+, and working class stories. I write in both Welsh and English.

Faye Brightman

Faye Brightman, is a theatre-maker from West Wales. She has been involved with theatre her entire life, starting out with her local theatre group in 2008. She specialises in drama workshops, using creative writing and drawing as a way of allowing participants to explore various themes in a creative manner.
We are currently processing applications by LGBTQ+ theather makers based/ from Wales.
If you want to participate check out how to apply and contact us


David Hanlon

David Hanlon is a confessional poet based in Cardiff, Wales. You can find his work online in over 50 magazines, including Rust & Moth, Feral Poetry Journal & Amethyst Magazine. His first chapbook Spectrum of Flight is available for purchase now at Animal Heart Press. His next collection Dawn’s Incision is forthcoming with Icefloe Press in 2023.


I am a creative activist multi artist, trying to dismantle the ‘writer/poet’ ‘crazy’ or ‘lgbtq+’ stereotype attached to what that is, being a ‘different’ in society, and changing what ‘normal’ is. Always using my personal experiences as a creative, mental health activist, black, non-binary lesbian - combating the stigmas of the world.

Abi Alexander

Abi Alexander (She/her) is a writer based in Cardigan. Poetry is the medium that she feels the most at home with but she also writes essays, short stories and is working on her first YA science fiction novel. She has experimented with different forms of poetry to find a style that most suits the stories that she wishes to tell.

Jane Campbell

Winner of the 2021 Geoff Stevens Memorial Poetry Prize Jane Campbell’s first collection Slowly as Clouds is published by Indigo Dreams. Jane’s work has also been longlisted for a Poetry Wales award, appeared in The Lampeter Review, One Hand Clapping and in the 2021 Saboteur best anthology “Bloody Amazing”. 

We are currently processing applications by LGBTQ+ writers based/ from Wales.
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Musicians/ bands


Expect experimental rock and punk influences from alternative band LUXY & THE SPLIT TIGHTS. Luxy fronts the band with confidence; with a blend of raw vocals and spoken narrative that is reminiscent of the 70s & 80s. Multi-instrumentalist Yemi is behind the musical composition, creating the catchy basslines and guitar riffs that gives LUXY & THE SPLIT TIGHTS their unique sound.

Ivor Woods

Ivor Woods (aka Rachel) is a multi-instrumentalist queer artist hailing from South Wales, creating alt-pop from her  home studio. Ivor Woods new single Visions was released in September, and she is currently working on an EP to  be realised in early 2022

Mr Bewlay

Bewlay is Bountiful, Beautiful and Brash. Artist extraordinaire and King/Queen of Glam Bewlay is both actor, musician and entertainer. Having trained with both Forte Project and Adam Ivy, Bewlay blends a cavalcade of styles under one banner and brings high octane performances.

Small Miracles

Small Miracles are a dynamic New Wave quintet from Cardiff. Their genre-bending music is a distinctly retro
balance of hard grooves and catchy hooks, incorporating elements of Punk, Glam and Grunge to relay their bold,
queer message. Small Miracles' debut single, Tonight, is available on all major streaming platforms now.

Generation Feral

Inspired by the likes of Fiona Apple and Kae Tempest, Generation Feral is a one-woman solo artist, songwriter and self-confessed ‘sad piano lady’, with a brooding, rock-inspired sound.


A Neo-Folk Acoustic duo that can perform as a 2 piece, trio or band. Looping vocal and instrumental harmonies to  create a full, captivating sound accompanying heartfelt and poetic lyrics.


My name is Rokat, I am originally from India and grew up in the Middle East and have moved to the UK. My song style is electro-pop and has a queer theme to the stories I tell. Mostly they reflect my journey. My music is to inspire and spread love and positivity.

Liam J. Edwards

An emerging pop sensation combining deep, powerful classically trained vocals and dramatic theatrical pop production. Liam J. Edwards is on a mission to provide she’s gays and theys with bops they need for every occasion. 

Gonçalo Fernandes

I am a Portuguese professional violinist with experience mostly in Opera and Musical Theatre, looking to do projects with a more social engagement component to them.


TELGATE are a five piece Aggro-Glam band from Cardiff. Taking inspiration from post punk, psychedelic and glam rock, this fierce collective of queer folk are striking the stage with music that grabs your ears and slaps you across the face. With their anti-political fueled lyrics and their extravagant stage presence, TELGATE are not a band to be ignored.

We are currently looking for LGBTQ+ musicians based/ from Wales.
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On your face, 2021