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Bethan Marlow

I am a writer that creates fictional worlds using real, unheard voices for stage and screen. Focusing on female, LGBTQ+ and working class stories. I write in both Welsh and English.

I am known in Wales as a writer that creates fictional worlds that contain real voices. From verbatim theatre to site-specific productions with and within communities on the fringes of our society, from feel good queer films to taboo tackling tv series, my work is always an authentic representation of the Wales we live in today. I focus mostly on the voices of females, the queer community and the Welsh working class.

As a Welsh speaking queer female from a small village in North Wales, a combination of imposter syndrome and providing financial stability for my wife and young family has meant that it has taken me a little longer to start breaking ground in the tv and film industry but I am finally in the doorway and intend to keep it open for others coming in behind me.

A Queer Christmas - the documentary from Mess Up The Mess on Vimeo.

Cysgu'n Brysur- image by Keith Morris

Nyrsys- image by Christina Banholzer

Mold Riots- Phil Jones

A Queer Christmas- image by Jorge Lizalde

On your face, 2021