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Efa Blosse-Mason

My name is Efa Blosse-Mason and I’m from Cardiff.  I studied animation in the Bristol School of Animation. In my second year at university I did an Erasmus semester abroad at MOME in Budapest, where I was really inspired by the Hungarian animation culture.  I love old Hungarian films like ‘The Son of The White Mare’ by Marcell Jankovics from 1981 and ‘Foam Bath by György Kovásznai from 1980 but also newer releases like ‘Ruben Brant, Collector’ by Milorad Krstic in 2018 and short films made by other students at MOME like ‘Symphony no. 42’ by Réka Bucsi in 2014.  Another big influence is ‘Song Of The Sea’ directed by Tomm Moore by the Irish company Cartoon Saloon which came out in 2014.  I love the flattened perspective and the Irish mythology, which of course reminds me of Welsh mythology but told in a new way and used to explore complex themes like grief to children.  

I wrote, directed and animated a short film in my third year called ‘Earthly Delights’ which is about two gardeners who have different ways of dealing with snails. One wants nature to flow freely, whereas the other likes to chop everything into neatly pruned straight lines. This three minute film won The Royal Television Society award for best student animation in 2019.

After graduating I did work experience with the incredible, Cardiff based animator Joanna Quinn at Beryl Productions.  I also delivered animation workshops in schools with Winding Snake Productions and did some work experience on ‘Creepy Pasta Salad’ a film by Lauren Orme.

I then won the Ffilm Cymru Wales’ Beacons funding scheme to make a short film called ‘Cwch Deilen / Leaf Boat’ which is a Welsh language film about a lesbian couple and the anxieties of falling in love.  This is currently available to watch on the BBC iplayer.  It stars the voices of Catrin Stuart and Sara Gregory and it was produced by Amy Morris and the Soundtrack composed by Casi Wyn and it has been accepted to several film festivals across the world including Film With Pride, Cardiff Animation Festival, Manchester Animation Festival, Animation Dingle, Aesthetica, The Iris Prize and Edinburgh International Festival.

I have made some music videos including a cut out animation for Georgia Ruth for a song called ‘Madryn’, a song about counting sheep called ‘157’ by Tom Rosenthal and ‘Dawns Y Ceirw / Dance of the Deer’ for Casi Wyn which came out on S4C on Christmas eve, and is also available to watch on BBC iplayer.  

I’ve worked on several animated documentaries as well, ‘Rangoli, Art That Binds’ about Welsh and Indian art forms, ‘GRID’ a documentary for S4C about how being a dominatrix can be therapeutic for sexual abuse survivors, ‘Rock Collecting’ about the music scene in Newport and ‘Llanelli Pottery’ the history of Llanelli’s industrial past which I made for Parc Howard museum.  

I am a dyslexic, queer filmmaker who is interested in stories told by different and exciting voices.

On your face, 2021