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Robert Oros

Prevalent in his work is the juxtaposition between communism and capitalism, felt by Robert while growing up in post-revolution Romania in the 90s, where the transition between an austere totalitarian regime to an economical liberalism based democracy conflicted most of his early life views. Themes such as post-soviet identity, globalisation, borders and immigration are all inspected using the polemic nature of the systems, through various analogue and digital methods, archival documents and photographic recreations and representations.

Robert is currently working on a series of videos documenting people’s behaviours around important international border crossings: from Tell Abyad in between Syria and Turkey; to Tijuana/San Diego between US and Mexico; to Dover, UK. Conflict, economics and leisure, security and trade, a shopping spree or a flight to safety, the borders provide an enriching and reviling layer on the movements of the world and its ideals.

On your face, 2021