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Creative queer people are needed to create spaces, physically or digitally to bring the LGBTQ+ community together and to amplify our voices.

On your face is a social enterprise bringing the queer creatives of Wales to the forefront. Through the creation of a directory of LGBTQ+ creatives of Wales (, queer content and spaces, we want to showcase the LGBTQ+ musicians, designers, writers, artists and photographers of Wales. Most importantly we want to create opportunities and jobs by and for thequeer creatives of the area and bring the queer community together.

If you are a queer artist, illustrator, photographer, writer, singer, musician, filmmaker…. In other words, if you are a queer creative and want to have your work showcased, get in touch and join us

To find out more have a look at our FAQs section or get in touch!

The team


Cerian Wilshere

Claudia Rubio Sasaki

We are looking for directors and members of the board!

For more info head to our Join us section

On your face, 2021