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Rachel Norman

Rachel Norman’s practice tends to be multidisciplinary but with a focus on installation and performance. Her interest is to explore ideas surrounding self-reflection, identity and the internalised world. These are all important aspects of her work as the way we see the world around us and internalise it alongside how we perceive our identities impact the ways we act towards the surrounding environment and our relationships to other people. Therefore impacting the creative process.

Currently, she is focusing on the physical repurposing and restructuring of space to reflect changes to the inner world. The building of installations allows to physically manipulate the space while the performance aspect allows her to use her presence to interact with the structures. By using site specific installation and recording performances within these spaces to challenge how we view areas and how it can change the viewers relationship with the work.

Her work is also highly collaborative with her working with other performance artists so she can take on more directoral/viewing roles to understand the desired relationship her work has with. With the focus of creating being upon the process, rather than the end result it means that there is not much planning of final outcomes but framing each stage as an important in their own right. Alongside her personal practice she runs a collaboration group called The Exquisite Cadaver Project. This aims to encourage experimenting with the perception of what art is and isn't.


On your face, 2021