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Isaac Down

Isaac is a self-taught artist who began to draw again four years ago after putting down the pencil for too long. He began with sketches and watercolour pencil pieces in sketchbooks before moving on to inks and watercolour palettes. With this media he creates both creative pieces from his own imagination and fan art pieces inspired by his favourite horror films. Some of these horror pieces have been displayed in University exhibitions. Quotes from the films were painted beside the hung works of art that depicted famous characters such as Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Leatherface.

While building up his work and skills once again, Isaac has worked on his confidence by meeting his heroes. He has been lucky enough to not only get an original 'Miss Me?' Freddy Krueger piece signed by the character's actor, Robert Englund, but also give a copy of said work to the grateful actor. During this time he has also luckily met another artist that inspires him, Graham Humphreys, who signed a copy of Isaac's Jason Voorhees. Not only inspired by Humphreys outstanding talent, Isaac hopes to create work to the same degree, creating horror posters along with original content.

Isaac is also a part of the LGBTQ+ community as he is a Transgender artist who is not afraid to tell people, as some of his works, espically for University have been centred around this. One such work, titled 'He/Him' explores what Gender Dysphoria feels like for the artist. The piece has a limited colour palette which draws attention to the Trans flag background and the coloured details. The gore is meant to make the viewer as uncomfortable as it is to be locked inside the wrong body. Isaac has become much more confident in his own abilities more recently and has started to finalize different styles that he has been experimenting with that use a more subdued palette with an emphasis on black line work.


On your face, 2021