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Luke Roberts

Luke Roberts (they/them) is a multidisciplinary artist/ curator originally from Anglesey, North Wales and currently based in Cardiff.

Having graduated from a BFA in 2018, Luke completed a year-long ‘Inc space’ arts business residency within the Cardiff School of Art and Design. They then moved on to co-found the artist-led Klatch collective which hosts open calls, residencies and exhibitions for local artists. From 2020, Luke has also been concurrently acting as a curator for Cardiff Umbrella, an art collective/ gallery space that works to provide an accessible and inclusive hub for Cardiff’s diverse art scene. Luke aims to utilise their experience as a co-ordinator, curator, visual artist and queer person to facilitate safe and welcoming and engaging opportunities for early career artists in South Wales.

Luke’s artist practice spans a broad range of disciplines: Utilising painting, drawing, text works and sculpture in their installations. Despite this multidisciplinary approach to working, the creation of all their pieces is motivated by an exploration of their relationship with their queerness and their placement as a “draftsman” in a contemporary context.

Their recent works hope to form a makeshift archive: welcoming craft, play and campness whilst documenting the intricacies of and conversations with their queerness, in particular: gender and memory. They hope to explore the facets of their own contemporary queer life; sexuality, safety, risk, the act of experimenting, of being comfortable, of feeling out of place, repression, feeling both connected to and simultaneously disassociated, and transfer these into analogue representations of queer joy in a world where it is radical to feel so.
“I want to portray bodies tangibly and expand upon queer aesthetics through the prism of my own sexuality, I aim to create works that celebrate queer bliss, intimacy and domesticity outside of the established tropes of cis gay erotic art.”


On your face, 2021