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Shopping Queer

Buy Local, buy Queer!

Are you an LGBTQ+ creative, craftsperson and have an online shop? We want to hear from you!
This is a directory of queer businesses so that we can support the LGBTQ+ creators of Wales when buying art, presents or anything crafty!

S.P.A.F Collective

We're a Queer Welsh Arts Collective making DIY badges, stickers, zines, and patches.
Morgan Dowdall 

"I make cheeky and joyful artwork that celebrates naked bodies and queer sexuality. My work includes; handmade ceramics, original artworks, prints, stickers and tufted pieces."
Bombus Artisanal

Bombus is a small, handmade fashion business run by Amber in South Wales that focuses on collaboration with other makers to create sustainable, ethical products. You'll find a range of sustainable goodies including upcycled scrunchies and handmade tote bags at Bombus' stall. 
Candy Goblins

Candy Goblins is a jewellery brand with a special focus on strange and unusual earrings! We're LGBTQ+ run, and want to make fun jewellery accessible for everyone. Expect to find fidget toys, worm on string, and D20s as earrings as well as a bunch more!
Frank Duffy

I’m a non-binary autistic printmaker, painter, illustrator living in Carmarthen & I sell my limited-edition witchy lino prints in my shop, as well as queer badges, t-shirts, and mugs. Everything is vegan and I try to be as sustainable as possible with the products and the packaging :)
Olivia Daisy Coles

"I sell a range of items featuring my original work which celebrates queer people and their bodies. I sell original colouring pencil drawings, prints of my work, self-published zines and books, and hand decorated ceramic tiles to adorn your walls."

On your face, 2021