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Eden Dodd

As a non-binary Trans person, I have found a connection with fractured states within my artwork; the space between planes of existence, of dichotomies and of the physical and ethereal states. Dualities, reflections and doubles are integral to the language of my practice - the other always exists within the self. Through the lens of queerness; I can exist in both this side of the mirror and the other, simultaneously.

Within my practice, twin dialogues between ‘the real and seen’ & ‘the unreal and unseen’ are of great importance to the core foundations of my ongoing body of work, Recent exploration into the ‘cultural themes of masculinity’ through a visual lexicon inspired by historical and contemporary culture has manifested in my predominant material; that of ‘the mirror’. Tragedy, darkness and loss are key pools of inspiration that I regularly draw from within my own practice, as they are a well that never runs dry for visual and conceptual material in this vein.

The Artist has exhibited both Solo, and as part of a group, both Nationally and Internationally, with work held in private collections around the Globe.


On your face, 2021