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Klara Sroka

Klara’s practice is an exploration of geological transformations of Welsh coastal sites, which have been affected by historical human influences. Her site responsive work manifests itself through various temporal sculptural processes which aim to highlight the irreversible shifts within the landscape.

Integral to her research she reclaims found objects and resurrects them to expose their material weaknesses, echoing how its function once contributed to the exportation and pollution of the land.

She isolates industrial iron fragments found in vacant quarries and constructs artificial environments within the studio to enhance the corrosive process that naturally occurs at the beach. By mixing high concentrations of salt with water, she creates the oxidation process.

Klara’s intention is to uphold the evidence of our historical behaviors. Materiality has become an investigative process which drives her artwork, her concept of visualizing climate change as a series of erosive systems, are perceived as ‘non site’ sculptures, that she creates both within the studio and gallery space.

On your face, 2021