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Artwork created by Molly Allen (@uglypumpkinseed)

Expect experimental rock and punk influences from alternative band LUXY & THE SPLIT TIGHTS. Luxy fronts the band with confidence; with a blend of raw vocals and spoken narrative that is reminiscent of the 70s & 80s. Multi-instrumentalist Yemi is behind the musical composition, creating the catchy basslines and guitar riffs that gives LUXY & THE SPLIT TIGHTS their unique sound.

Luxy & Yemi have been creating music together since 2019; initially exploring psychedelic sounds and producing a five-song experimental EP in 2021. LUXY & THE SPLIT TIGHTS is a culmination of the experience that the pair have gained over the course of playing festivals, live music venues & private parties.

“Filthy & Gorgeous”

On your face, 2021