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Ren Wolfe

“Through play we experience the world, we construct it and we destroy it, and we explore who we are and what we can say.” Sicart (2014)

My work is a celebration and exploration of imaginative play. Through my practice, I excavate childhood memories to reveal hidden narratives that explore moments of self-transformation.

I am influenced by a varied well of inspiration including medieval manuscript illustrations, puppetry, folk ritual, theatre, and carnival. From this springboard, I create informal and joyous pieces that revel in their handmade-ness and tempt curiosity with fragmented narratives. I am interested in exploring how imagination, the absurd, and how creating experiential ‘moments to pause for play’ function in a tumultuous world that creeps ever closer to digital futures.

My practice is an exploratory and interdisciplinary one, though one that is anchored by both drawing and sculpture. Familiar and often upcycled materials feature heavily with papier-mâché, cardboard, and reclaimed textiles forming the foundation of many of my pieces. Recently I have begun to explore what happens to the work when I place myself within it; how breathing life into an object changes its meaning and provides a direct experience of playfulness.

My work functions not only as separate pieces in conversation with a central theme, but as an ever-expanding world of interrelated characters, ideas, and stories that defiantly eschew elitism in favour of humour and heart.

On your face, 2021