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With a duty to start riots in 6’’ platforms, expect fierce androgyny along with music which is unapologetically queer, loud, and honest from Aggro-Glam band, TELGATE. Their major musical influences include 60s and 70s psychedelia, glam rock, post punk, and riot grrrl. This array of genres mix together to create a dramatic experience catered towards the eccentrics and the glamorous. Paint your lips red and prepare to fall in lust with the queerest side of rock and roll.

Having released ‘Cherrytight’ in 2019, ‘Love Zone’ in 2021, and with plans to record more in the summer of 2022; TELGATE are constantly writing new music to express their emotions. Whether that be anger towards the political system, love of all things queer, or topics they genereally just find funny; the music will always be true to themselves. They are a band that represent the people, especially the queer communities. Trans rights are at the forefront of their fight, and always be. If you’re looking for a place to belong, TELGATE welcomes you with open arms.

telgateuk ︎

Casper (He/Him)

Being the singer of TELGATE is no small task, and with his incredible vocal range and a stage presence that rivals the greats, Casper is the man for the job. With his incredible songwriting skills and cutting lyrics, expect more than just a vocal performance when he’s parading the stage.

Chris (They/Them)

As the guitarist of TELGATE, Chris provides the riffs and chords that define the TELGATE sound. Just as you start headbanging to the song and getting into the groove, they start to shred out a solo and make you headbang even more. The only thing that moves faster than their fingers is them when it’s time for a cigarette.

Jim Webster (he/they)

Jim plays keys and organ in Small Miracles, and is a versatile multi-instrumentalist. He has played with most  musicians in Cardiff at some point due to his astounding musicianship and fluency, and is now starting up his own  solo project, Jimmy Boy Blue. They have hosted numerous open mics over the years, as well as various other  events. Jim is also playing on the scene with queer icons, Telgate.

Ali (He/Him)

Ali is the drummer for TELGATE, and with a right foot that does more than most could with two, he supports an contributes to the raw and aggressive sound that emanates from the rest of the band. Don’t get his long hair confused with that of a labradoodle though, although it is an easy mistake to make.

Jim (He/Him)

Jim brings his sweet dulcet tones through the use of his piano and organ, giving us that extra bit of pizazz. Alway bringing a level head to the table, as well as some excellent jokes; Jim is the glue that holds us together and stop the aggression from making us implode as a band.

Jake (He/Him)

Jake is the bassist for TELGATE. To him, running around on stage and laying those fingers into his bass is what it’s all about. If you catch him doing a stankface, it’ll likely rub off onto you.

On your face, 2021