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Gonçalo Fernandes

I was born in Portugal, where I did my bachelors degree in violin and completed 1 year of a masters in music education. In 2018 moved to Cardiff to do a masters in music performance, which was completed in 2020. I have been a private violin tutor since 2015 and have been arranging music for different music groups since then. Lead different small music projects but now looking to experiment with my craft in collaboration with different art forms. My background is classical music. Played in different opera productions and orchestral programmes, such as the Mediterranean pera Festival in Sicily, Lisbon Film Orchestra in Portugal, Musical theater at the west end, but only a couple of contemporary performances which  I would like to expand my experience on.

Besides my work as a private tutor, I have also experience working with students in a boarding environment. I was a graduate resident assistant at the Cardiff Sixth Form College, a houseparent at Millfield School and will be the Pastoral Manager for their Summer Holiday Course in 2023

On your face, 2021