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Coco, from Talk to Coco is a mental health activist and creative writer. Coco, has created a safe space for thousands of people from all around the world; for people to have someone to talk and share their experiences, feelings and thoughts with, and just feel understood & accepted.

Through their/her poetry and creative writing, touches on topics around the world that needs impact & attention, the things people tend to shy away from or, be in denial to it’s happening; for example, lgbtq lives & their being, safety for women, or home for black communities.

Talk to Coco, came about because she felt she needed & wanted to break & end all negative stigmas attached to who she is & what the communities she represents: mental health, black skin, LGBTQ+, hidden disabilities and start talking openly on all topics - showing so many people like herself, that their not alone and for people to see a real life person, in the flesh, talking about and projecting real life issues. 

Coco, is a person all people can relate with, no matter who you are, where you come from, how old you are, what culture or religion you are born into... or what you are suffering from, whether that being mental health issues or/and physical disabilities, or lgbtq worries. Coco also identifies as non binary.

Talk to Coco, have written/writes articles on for magazines across the globe, also been published in books, commercial adverts, poetry, galleries, billboards. Such as the BBC, Wagamama’s, UNWOMEN, Gurlstalk, MQ Mental Health etc - whether it be creating wellbeing projects, speaking publicly, reciting poetry and campaigns. Creating poetry & writing on topics, which in where the world needs attention, is the soul of my artistry - sharing my words for people to relate with & feel in the depths of their souls.

Mental health activism and lgbtq visibility, is the key root of all her work, giving support, advice & mentoring talks with anyone who wants it. Talk to Coco advocates on self acceptance, self-love and breaking all stigmas  attached to their differences, society says and not feeling alone - sharing it around the world for all people that need it. Therefore, everyone will always feel they have someone who listens & understands them, with no judgment - just pure love and transparency - through reading & listening to the words of the poetry of change

On your face, 2021