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Adam Charlton

"My name is Adam Charlton and I am a second year art student studying in Swansea, where I live and was born.

This is a selection from a large body of work that I’ve been making since last summer (wait what?)

To keep track of time, I have been compulsively documenting states of consciousness through the medium of self-portrait and surrealist drawings. With inspirations from William Burroughs, Limmy, Bladee and Murakami- I see art as a harnessing of energy and a way to document the unseen experiences that occur inside a human skull.

Nearly all of the drawings I have done this year were done in single sessions- something that has only really been the case this past year. Because of this, each drawing has become a folder containing the moment they were created, rather than being held up as their own conceptual creations.

I think that being too careful selecting subject matter makes it a lot less interesting than just following impulses and seeing what forms."

On your face, 2021