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Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming events and have a look at our past ones!

Our first Event!
22nd and 23rd of January, 2022.

Our first event at the Nurture Centre @nurturesnook @nurturemagu in Carmarthen was a success!

On Saturday we had a night filled with poetry, music, and art! We started with the opening of our exhibition and followed with an open mic in which many queer creatives delighted us with poetry, storytelling, and live music by Ivor Woods and Mr. Bewlay!

On Sunday we had a full day with workshops, talks, and a screening of shorts and audio-visual works by LGBTQ+ artists of Wales.

Amongst the artists who led workshops and gave talks we had: Anna Coviello, Joshua Jones, Coco, and Alun Davies.

On your face, 2021