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Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming events and have a look at our past ones!

Current and Upcoming

We are currently focusing on grant applications. If you are interested in funding an event or becoming a sponsor, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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You can also read about our past events below.



Our first Event!

22nd and 23rd of January, 2022.

Our first event at the Nurture Centre @nurturesnook @nurturemagu in Carmarthen was a success!

On Saturday we had a night filled with poetry, music, and art! We started with the opening of our exhibition and followed with an open mic in which many queer creatives delighted us with poetry, storytelling, and live music by Ivor Woods and Mr. Bewlay!

On Sunday we had a full day with workshops, talks, and a screening of shorts and audio-visual works by LGBTQ+ artists of Wales.

Amongst the artists who led workshops and gave talks we had: Anna Coviello, Joshua Jones, Coco, and Alun Davies.

Noson Cwîr

11th of June 2022

We collaborated with @carmarthenshirelgbtq @alz_blaidd to organise a night of music and drag.

From On Your Face artists, performing that evening we had:
Generation Feral (@genferalmusic) and TELGATE (@telgateuk )

With Drag acts by king Justin drag @justin.drag and Scarlet Fever @itsscarletfeve, and an amazing closing of the night with DJ Cai 

‘Queer Reflections’

at the Glynn Vivian Gallery Sunday 22 May 2022 - Sunday 6 November 2022

Led by artist Fox Irving, and supported by the team at Glynn Vivian, On Your Face are celebrating queerness in all its forms; using a restricted collection that is, on the whole, largely heteronormative and blind to the lives of LGBTQ+ people and others. Through the group’s interactions with each other and the artworks in the Glynn Vivian’s collection, the artists have playfully explored and synthesised new narratives of what it means to be gay/lesbian, queer, and/or neurodivergent in Wales today.

Each member of the collective selected artworks from Glynn Vivian that they had a natural affinity with when exploring their own queer identity. Their reflections on these selected artworks challenge the current narrative behind that art, and open up a world of contemporary queer Welsh narratives.

Taking space and changing the industry.

An LGBTQ+ panel of creatives, organisers and activists.
13th of September 

An online conversation with LGBTQ+ artists and entrepreneurs of Wales whose research, passion and direct action plays on representation and reclaiming spaces.
For more information on the speakers, follow the link in bio.

This event was hosted and funded by @glynnvivian as part of our collaboration for our ongoing “Queer reflections” workshops and events.

Screening and Q&A

17th of September

5 queer audio-visual artists and filmmakers from OYF showed their work, followed by a Q&A.

This event was hosted and funded by @glynnvivian as part of our collaboration for our ongoing “Queer reflections” workshops and events.

On your face, 2021