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Lucy Venning

I’m currently studying for a BA in Graphic Design at UWTSD College of Art, Swansea. Before I was given a place at university, I started to teach myself web design and how to use design software. The creative part of my brain started coming back to life after years of being submerged by following what society told me I should be doing.

Illustration is one of my favourite mediums and I’m strongly influenced by music and architecture, both life-long loves.

I believe that design can speak for and is for everybody. Art is everywhere and anything can be inspiration. I want to be able to make people think but also to make people smile. I want to create designs that encourage an awareness of the bigger picture, be inclusive and show diversity. I want to challenge the way we live, feel and think for the better. In an interview with The Guardian in 2013, the musician Thom Yorke spoke about ways in which he dealt with his depression which also helped with his thinking about his work in the studio.

‘‘’Just being looser in your thinking allows you to avoid fixed ideas.’ … He has come to discover that the best things that happen musically are ‘often when you’re super-unsure and kind of flailing around. You just work at it and wait.’”

This sums up my approach to design perfectly.

On your face, 2021