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Joss Copeman

Joss Copeman’s (b.2002) work is centered around his own experiences as a gay man, placing himself in many of his works to pose questions about representation, objectivity and reality. Based in Cardiff, Joss has studied photography at University of South Wales from 2020-2023 and has refined his practice, creating work that provides a more playful take on the challenges that face the LGBTQIA+ community in today’s society. Working within the medium of photography, Joss questions the politicization of the lens and its place within the realm of art in the present day.

His current work, 21 years, hones in on the idea of shame within the gay community specifically, looking at Section 28 and its impact on those who grew up in the time since its repeal. Joss is also a co-founder of swiitch collective, an artist platform designed to promote emerging early- career artist without a platform, inclusive of all, regardless of background.

On your face, 2021