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Mr Bewlay

Bewlay’s queerness has been one of the foundation of their creativity for a while. Blending gender nonconformity and androgyny, as well as speaking out about issues affecting the LGBTQ community, Bewlay has cultivated a strong position within the South Wales music scene. Bewlay plays with expectations and is always eager to surprise and shock, with both

Having been tutored and mentored by the likes of the Forte Project, Tipping Point and Youtuber Adam Ivy, Bewlay has been on a relentless pursuit of content. The release of the retro-synth bop 'Her Name is Juniper' in October, December’s soft and emotional ‘Fake Yourself, the smooth and slick ‘Dan ‘the Don’ Wilson’ and the bombastic ‘Wobbegong’ were all released in the span of 6 months. With new recordings coming faster than you imagine and live shows left right and centre, there’s no limit to what Bewlay can achieve.

On your face, 2021