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AFBOB writes songs that not only stick in your head and leave you wanting more. The Indie, folk, neo-acoustic duo take inspiration from their Welsh roots with a fun twist of looping drum beats, percussion and harmonies to fill out the soundscape. Transporting you with honest and vulnerable lyrics that lead you through reflective stories.

Performing together for 9 years, AFBOB are now starting a new chapter with their soon to be released single ‘All I  Had To Give’ which took them to the final of Andrson’s International Songwriting Competition based in Dublin. As  well as spotlighted artists on Trackd, Bro radio and Platform radio.

Caitlin Dolman (she/they)

Caitlin the lead singer, melody and lyric writer has a beautifully unique voice. Using her lyrics to tell her stories  and display heartfelt emotions with hope of those relating to that she shares.
Gareth Jone (he/him)

Gaz is a guitar virtuoso able to write in multiple genres lending the duo to have a modern fresh style but leaves  you in a place where you feel grounded and at home.

On your face, 2021