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Abi Alexander

Abi Alexander (She/her) is a writer based in Cardigan. Poetry is the medium that she feels the most at home with but she also writes essays, short stories and is working on her first YA science fiction novel.

She has experimented with different forms of poetry to find a style that most suits the stories that she wishes to tell. The main subjects that she explores within her work are self-identity, love, the power of community, the environment and  her own personal experiences of living life as a queer woman in a heterosexual centred society.

As well as writing in a free-form style, she also often uses a more child-like rhythmic approach in her poetry to highlight wider issues that are at play within the text of the piece. This allows her to explore concepts that interest her in a different way.

As she moves forward with her work, she is focused on creating work that brings an element of light and joy whilst also hopefully giving the reader cause to stop and think and to leave their preconceived ideas and judgements behind.

On your face, 2021