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She Elloise

As a non-binary Trans person, I have found a connection with fractured states within my artwork; the space between planes of existence, of dichotomies and of the physical and ethereal states. Dualities, reflections and doubles are integral to the language of my practice - the other always exists within the self. Through the lens of queerness; I can exist in both this side of the mirror and the other, simultaneously.

Working under an alter-ego, She Elloise, She creates artworks to highlight social structures with mixed media, such as ceramics fabric, paint, collage, and illustration.She works with self portraiture a lot, through self reflection She often creates obtuse religious imagery that speaks of the nature of social structures and the mindset of the West, especially the UK. She focuses on subjects such as ableism, nerodivergence wealth, diversity, gender, and sexuality, highlighting the roles of autonomy and power.


On your face, 2021