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Morgan Dowdall

Morgan Dowdall (they/them) is an artist born in South Wales and based in Cardiff. As a recent ceramics graduate their practice is highly influenced by the materiality of clay, however Morgan’s work explores many facets of visual art including: drawing, sculpture, applied arts, surface design and installation.

Morgan uses the human figure as a vessel to explore themes of queerness, camp, objectification, intimacy and dysmorphia. Through these, they extend queer aesthetics and attempt to subvert representations of gendered bodies seen throughout history. Throughout their work the body is often deconstructed, warped, stretched and reimagined before being reassembled into new configurations. Bodies are posed in a state of ‘beautiful discomfort’ and exhibit a jarring in-between of flesh and bone - exquisite yet grotesque.

Morgan also has a more playful side to their practice evidenced by their slipware plates which are an overt celebration of queer sexuality - joyful and naive, they reference historical ceramics yet remain fresh and contemporary through vivid colours and the portrayal of diverse naked bodies.

“My interests lie with queer bodies - bodies which resist and disrupt, bodies that challenge our perceptions of gender, space and time as well as push our expectations and realities.”


On your face, 2021