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Evie Rey

Evie Rey is an identifying queer, lesbian woman who strives to create art, which openly celebrates and challenges identity.

Not ‘woman enough’ or ’too much woman’, two things she was often told as an emerging // queer // woman; two things that help form the foundation of her art.

Evie Rey’s work acknowledges the tidal wave of resilience and courage required to be queer and a woman. Although themes of sexuality and gender are mostly always the focus, she explores other areas of social activism, including politics and social contructs. Her use of medium includes graphite, watercolours, film, photography and sculpture, often combining mediums to create layered meaning and perceptions.

As a multidisciplinary artist, Evie Rey also explores her activism through spoken-word poetry, performing across Wales and Bristol regularly.

You can also find her busking in the streets of Bristol or Cardiff with her folk collective - an important form of expression, which she has explored alongside her identical twin sister, Angharad Reynolds (@angharad_iris). Originally a clarinetist, Evie Rey taught herself to play guitar at the age of 15, which expanded to other instruments including the dulcimer and banjo.


On your face, 2021