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Owen Harry

As an illustrator, my work focuses for the most part on things such as surrealism, queer culture, fashion and gender theory as well as how these all relate to the body. One example of this is the final project I created for my MA exhibition, a fashion magazine centred around theories and notions of gender and how they relate to the body. Drawing inspiration from creatives such as Oskar Schlemmer and Claude Cahun, I was able to create a wide variety of fashion illustrations that helped me explain my own experiences as a gender non-conforming person and how they relate to the works of writers such as Judith Butler.

While my illustrative work can often be quite theoretical in its initial development, I also create fashion illustrations which allow me to explore this idea of fashion as a means of performance, camp and how fashion relates to the body.

At its core, my work celebrates camp, fashion, surrealism and anything the tiniest bit fruity.

On your face, 2021