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SPAF Collective

SPAF Collective is a Cardiff based Queer Welsh arts collective comprising of Reg Arthur (Hunk Williams), Kazimir Redraven (Khazi), Aneurin Hogarth (Ghoulstuff), and Tom Campbell (Tom). We make badges, zines, stickers, and prints collaboratively. Individually, we adopt varied approaches to making work and so essentially – we are up for anything.

Having met at Cardiff School of Art and Design in 2018, we bonded over a shared interest in absurdity, print, queer identity and pop culture. Using printed matter and visual media, we aim to explore, critique and deconstruct cultural traditions and identity through the philosophical lens of absurdism. Capturing the ethos of the eternal carnival of life is paramount to our practice.

We have a commitment to accessibility and community; adopting a DIY approach to making and producing art in the hopes of bypassing beaurocracy and making our work as accessible as possible. We aim to preserve and document outdated, obscure and unofficial folk history with a focus on authenticity and collaboration (both within our collective and wider communities).

Our work exists in the crossroads between absurdism and genuine human compassion. We aim to provoke, titillate, repulse, disturb and inspire the masses through the bastardisation of pop culture and subversion of recognizable iconography, often with a politically-minded approach.

We draw inspiration from prophetic shared visions (of cowboys, the uncanny, ominous creatures, The King Elvis Presley, outdated Americana, leather daddies with huge baskets, The Beatles, and the melancholy of abandoned honeymoon suites), propelled forward by the lasting effects of a cigarette soaked in acid from the ‘70s we shared in our shed.

On your face, 2021