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How to write an artist statement:

-  An artist statement is not only a description of the medium you use or what you do.

- A statement needs to reflect who you are as an artist, what moves you to make art, play music or do what you do.

- It needs to reflect the passion, what drives you to be a creative, what makes you tick!

- There are many types of statements, some are funky and informal, some are structured and descriptive.

- You can talk about your experience, the projects you have been working on or you can focus on telling the reader what it is that your art/ writing or music is about.

- Whatever you write, make sure it gives a hint of who you are, and what your practice is, and make sure it is interesting, informative and most of all memorable. What is it that makes your art special, why is it worth looking at?

- A statement is a glimpse into your practice but it is also a sort of sales pitch.

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