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Kira Hartley

Kira Hartley is an environmental artist from a small town in the north west of England. Kira moved to Bangor, Wales in 2017 where she undertook her Bsc in Marine Biology and Zoology at Bangor University. During her time there, Kira became quite involved with the School of Ocean Sciences where she would showcase her wildlife photography which is still on display 2 years later after graduating.

Over the past 10 years she has developed an enormous amount of passion towards protecting the environment and wildlife. Her photography and art is to showcase the beauty of wildlife but also the horrific side of environmental disasters caused by humans. Kira’s photography demonstrates the impacts of this through visual representation and also using discarded materials to scale the enormous issues we are facing as the planet slowly declines.

Kira plans to become the first trans wildlife TV documentarist. Not only to bring attention to the impacts human activity has had on the planet.

On your face, 2021